Is there a trial period?
Yes, the trial period is 15 days
In case of purchase, what are the service activation times?
After receiving payment notification, the service will be activated within 2 hours.
Is the personal information also entered into the database with the installation?
Yes, the installation can include the import of personal data (at no additional cost) through a standard format directly provided to the association (import from csv).
Can I purchase only the modules I am interested in?
Yes, the main modules (registry, shifts and noticeboard) are included in the price, the others can be purchased separately. link
What are the payment methods?
The accepted payment methods are: bank transfer, credit card through the PayPal circuit or directly through PayPal
Is it possible to purchase the service as a public body?
Of course, Pagina46 SRL is accredited on the MEPA.
How can I reset my password?
From the login screen, pressing 'FORGOTTEN PASSWORD', an email will be sent with a link to reset the old password and set a new one.
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account from the settings section of your profile by clicking on the red button with the words "delete profile"


Is there an app administrator function?
Yes. There are 3 types of profiles on the platform: superuser, staff and volunteer.
Can I enter shift availability for a colleague who will be on duty with me?
Yes, but this functionality is limited only if you have Staff or superuser rights.
Can shifts of different lengths be configured?
Yes, it is possible to configure shifts with different durations
Is there a limit on the number of volunteers who can be assigned to the same shift?
There are no limits!
Is it possible for a volunteer to make a general availability instead of signing up for a specific shift?
It is possible to create an 'availability' calendar that does not affect actual shift attendance.
After downloading the app, can the new volunteer access the calendar and receive notifications?
Yes, each volunteer must request to be part of at least one association.
Is it possible to send a message reminding the volunteer of his service?
Yes, each volunteer has a reminder of their future 3 shifts in their dashboard and will also receive a notification the day before the start of the shift.
Is it possible to consult past shifts in the calendar?
Yes, the history can always be consulted except if it is requested to inhibit it and therefore this function could only be assigned to the staff or superuser.
Is it possible to prevent the user from unsubscribing from the shift?
Yes, it is possible to do it.


Is it possible to synchronize/integrate apptome with other management/software?
Yes, it is possible.
Is it possible to import or export records via API?
Yes, it is possible.
What security measures are adopted for the uploaded data?
All application data is transmitted over secure channels to our servers with HTTPS protocol.
Is the data backed up?
the data is stored on postgres database, each client has its own separate instance.

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